Monday, November 29, 2010

"so lucky"



其中一間幼稚園院長問“Who's take care her now?”


她臉上閃過一抹笑意,說“So lucky.”



照片是前幾天拍的,安琪有了新的car seat,真是超級無敵豪華!


  1. 哇~~angel的樣子真跩~好像是正在醞釀poo poo....
    不錯不錯, 敢自己駕車出去了!!

  2. the car seat looks nice. What is the brand and the price? did you use car seat before? my daughter is now using one, but seems too small for her now. planning to get a new one. ~~Kae Shin

  3. Kae Shin,this car seat is really good, Angel likes it much. I think it's very comfortable and in very good quality. I always say this is a FIRST CLASS SEAT :P

    The brand is THE FIRST YEARS(US Product)Model is 630 TRUE FIT CONVERTIBLE CARSEAT.Price after discount is RM599, before is RM799. We bought it at BABYLAND, Summit USJ. They having yr end discount until December, I cant remember the exact date,maybe you can check with them asap.

    For safety sake,we always use car seat which borrow from my sis.She is going to deliver soon so we have to buy our own one.

  4. by the way. this car seat is designed for 6 to 65 lbs. the cushion is washable.

    If not mistaken, these links are the same model:

    -Angel's Papa


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