Thursday, October 7, 2010

The King's Christmas List

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After waiting for nearly a month, I finally received this book from US. This book is given to me by BookSneeze. The book is titled “The King’s Christmas List”, authored by Eldon Johnson and illustrated by Bonnie Leick is special present for kids.

The story surrounds Emma, who is dressed in a Christmas cover, and her lovely and considerate buddy – Shushu, the dog. One day, they received an invitation letter to the King’s birthday. Without further delay, Emma and her mother decided to bake a cake, and present the delicious cakes to the King as a gift. Soon, they started a series of unknown journey… and she gave away the cake during the journey. Finally, Emma turned into the King’s birthday with empty-handed!

Surprisingly, the King remained calm and did not feel offended. Instead, he praised Emma for being a girl that know to share. Obviously, Emma understood being able to give and share is a blessing, and she unselfishly giveaway her favorite items. She always try to put herself into people’s shoes. This message is very simple and easy to understand, and is exactly what this book is trying to convey. Simple as it sounds, but many adults would probably feel ashamed for neglecting it.

My little baby, Angel, who is yet to celebrate her 1st birthday, cannot understand the meaning of sharing. I must show her this beautiful book when she grows bigger, and look up Emma, the character of this book as a role model. Learn the courage and learn how to share, and feel the borderless love that comes along them.

Despite the fact that we’re not Christian, we still celebrate Christmas because we know this is a unique day that we all should feel thankful for what we’ve got.

You can find this book on Amazon, and the popular Taiwan online bookstore BOOKS.

等了將近一個月,終於收到BookSneeze從美國寄來,由 Eldon Johnson著、Bonnie Leick繪圖的兒童繪本《The King's Christmas List》。






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